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The new Coronavirus has given everyone the certainty that health is related to the air we breathe: the prevention offered by Bioxigen is important and fundamental for our safety at home and in popular environments.

A large amount of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and molds) naturally circulate in the air and now more than ever, it is essential to prevent their accumulation in the air, to ensure safety. Every day an adult person breathes between 11-12 thousand liters of air on average, giving his body many useless and often very harmful substances. Indoor environments, often not ventilated as can be residential, commercial, hospital or school buildings, do not always guarantee the healthiness essential for the well-being of young people and adults: Bioxigen® solves the problem of air quality.


Bioxigen® products are a fundamental resource for those who tolerate severe allergies or asthma, because by purifying the air they make it more breathable and free of organic substances, drastically reducing problems related to breathing. Needful for babies, children or old people.

Specific microbiological tests performed by applying the Bioxigen technology by leading certified research centers have demonstrated the ability to reduce the microbial load up to 99.99% and a reduction already after the first 3 hours of use. Bioxigen acts on both chemical and biological contaminants, the controlled emission of negative and positive ions guaranteed by Bioxigen performs a steady reduction on allergens, mold, spores and pollen with clear benefits in breathing for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.


It is proven that the continuous use of Bioxigen® technology reduces the risk of contracting respiratory diseases.

Bioxigen restores the right ionic balance of air by improving in the general health of the people. In scientific literature there are numerous references related to the improvement of the respiratory function, to the quality of sleep, to the reduction of headaches and even to the influence on mood (serotonin regulation).

Bioxigen is recommended in rooms used for production, in cold storage, packaging and storage areas then in all critical areas that are constantly subjected to microbiological checks, wherever there is need for a sanitizing system capable of maintaining the parameters within the provided thresholds by the relevant regulation, preventing contamination and thus increasing the overall hygiene. Bioxigen does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of food and can be used in the presence of people.


85% reduction of odors in the air. No more smells of cigarette smoke, cat litter, drains or sewer cleaning chemicals. It also solves mold problems on the walls and decreases the number of mites and germs present on mattresses and linens.

Bioxigen® performs a decomposition action of many complex smelling molecules into simpler and tolerated elements. In fact, substances such as volatile organic compounds -VOC-, and many other chemical species are attacked by the active oxygen molecules generated by Bioxigen® and this action reduces the odors present in the environment.
Bioxigen also acts against toxic chemicals agents, such as formaldehyde and all the volatile organic compounds present in paints, insulations, cleaning agents or other often invisible and odourless contaminants present in indoor environments. With the application of new regulations on energy saving the concentration of these substances is more and more increasing at the expense of environmental comfort.

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