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Our company was founded in 2003, from the need to work exclusively in sanitizing the air and surfaces. Aware of offering highly technological solutions for
unexpressed needs, Bioxigen® has always invested in culture and research in the world of electronics aimed at people’s well-being.

It is also for these reasons that our collaborations with the Italian university world are born, aimed at certification and guarantee of quality, technique and construction.

Our first goal was to find effective solutions, that were at the same time fast and applicable in all areas where it was necessary to eliminate contaminants, as an example: hospital sector, residential, commercial and industrial sector, providing ideal solutions microclimatic.
The goal for the next few years is to provide sanitizing tools of high technical and manufacturing quality and to guarantee the absolute improvement of the indoor air composition at a competitive price.

Today we are a well-established company based in Italy, the country where Bioxigen® designs, manufactures and distributes its 100% made in Italy products.
Our head office is in Cologna Veneta, in the province of Verona, and our work team comes from all over Italy, because we believe in a multicultural and innovative approach. We produce a wide range of high quality products, among the most complete in the European scene, and our "mission" is to guarantee human well-being by using cutting-edge technological solutions.

The company - Company profile | Bioxigen

The company

The continuous investment in research and development aimed at the design of innovative products is the determining factor of the success that today makes us known in the world of sanitization.

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Choose the quality made in Italy. Bioxigen® products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, in our factories in Cologna Veneta (VR). Only in this way we can guarantee the high quality and efficiency that distinguishes us.

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We are one of the few companies all around the world able to develop, manage and built products with such technology. We proudly may tell to have in our team skilled and qualified engineers.

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The offices

Behind every result there is a meticulous research on products and raw materials to improve the quality of the air and our offer day by day.

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