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Discover the newest Globo air sanification, all the power and Bioxigen efficacy in an elegant and minimal ionization device


Globo is the new Bioxigen air sanificator with an elegant and minimal style, designed to improve the air quality of residential and professional environments, also tested against COVID-19.

The Globoair sanificator of Bioxigen is a valid support when you must purify the air of the rooms from chemical and biological contaminants. The newcomer of.ionizers to Bioxigen family allows you to keep the air in the house clean to improve the well-being of all the people who live there. The new Globo air ionizer was designed by Bioxigen for domestic and commercial environments, it’s able to purify the air of all pollutants present in the indoor air. It’s a real sanificator device able to purifying the air and sanify surfaces. Bioxigen technology is able to reduce viruses, bacteria, molds and mites, dust, smoke odor and chemical and organic pollutants. In this way the air in the house becomes more breathable and the chances of coming into contact with viruses and bacteria responsible for various diseases are reduced.
Many tests have demonstrated the quality and effectiveness of Bioxigen about reduction of the microbial load present in the air. Bioxigen technology has also showneffective in combating COVID-19.

The advantages of Globo

1.Versatility:the device can be installed on the wall or on a shelf.
2. With its compact shape and its minimal and elegant design, Globo is perfect for any environment. It’s available in Total White, Total Black, White/Black and White/Bronze, to adapt perfectly to the style of your furniture;
3. Globo adapts to your needs. The model is available in double sanitation capacity up to 50 m3 and up to 180 m3;
4. 100% made in Italy product;
5. The Bioxigen air ionization system is a natural system, improves indoor air quality, without damaging people, children, the elderly or animals, usable 24/24 h;

How Bioxigen ionization works

The Bioxigen air purification system reproduces the natural process of air ionization by sunlight. The ionization process activate controlled redox reactions of volatile organic compounds. In this way it is possible to reduce the pollutants in the air without chemical additives that are dangerous to health.

Functions of the Globo professional air ionizer

The Bioxigen Globo air sanificator purify rooms by producing a flow of negative ions able to capture and remove airborne particles. Negative oxygen ions produced by Bioxigen devices have properties strongly oxidizing and
react by redox with pollutants present in the air, such as VOC (volatile organic compounds), odors, ammonia etc.In addition, the flow of negative ions of the air sanificator has a microbicidaleffect, reducing the microbial load
transported by air and on surfaces.

Discover here the features and applications of the new Globo sanificator for environments
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